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1 x VISION I or II American Football Shoulder pads, QB-WR 
1 x FJ-2 American Football Trikot, Jersey,  Match and practice
1 x FP-2 American Football Hose, Pant, Match and practice
1 x FHP-01 American Football Hip- and coccux protection, Receiver, one size
1 x FKP-01 American Football Knee protection, Receiver, one size
1 x FTP-01 American Football Thighs protection, Receiver, one size
1 x CMS-01 American Football Belt
1 x FS-01 American Football Shorts, Compression shorts with 3 pockets for protections

Let us know the size and color you would like for each item. Before purchasing this pack, please make sure that all products are in stock and be aware that we might contact you before shipping of your package.

Avaliability: Shoulder pads , Jersey , Pants , Pads - in stock , ShortsBelt

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"Records fall, athletes come and go, the values still remain".

Olivier barnett, 1991