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Kit for match and practice, perfect for all levels, from 13 years. 

1 x SL-127 baseball glove, leather, infield/outfield 12''  high quality pigskins leather, 2 foldings, closed pocket, palm reinforcement, very comfortable and soft inside, very resistant to abrasion Outfield gloves 12,7". Very resisting to wear and tear, easy to put on, SL-127 is great for the youngest who want to improve their level  quickly .

1 x LL-1 baseball ball competition/training, 9'', white, 1 piece Genuine leather, double half pick-up seams, inside made of cork and latex Ball for competition and tournaments.

2500, Jean-Perrin, bureau 201 Québec, Québec G2C 1X1 Canada

P: 418-9481-161


"Records fall, athletes come and go, the values still remain".

Olivier barnett, 1991