FKS-L Kit Compression pants, 5 integrated pieces + compression T-shirt with long sleeves, 5 integrated pieces, for American football

110,00 C$

This kit includes the jersey FS-08 and the pants FS-07

This is the best way to get optimal protection (top-down) at a low price!

The kit is composed of :

FS-08 : Compression T-shirt for american football. New generation of protections. In practice, this jersey directly integrates protections. Use either in training or in match.

5 integrated parts ensuring the protection of the various parts of the bust :

Coastal Protection
Protection of the shoulders
Protection of the sternum
Protection of elbows
Protection of the low back



FS-07 : compression Pants for football. New generation of protections. In practice, this pant integrates directly with the shields.

5 integrated parts ensure the protection of the different parts of the body :

Protection of the coccyx
Protection of the thighs
Protection of the hips


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